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Audio Description is the art of making visual images accessible for those who are blind or have low vision. Through concise description of scenes, titles, sight gags, captions, and sound effects, the context of this assistive technology can be heard in the natural pauses of the dialogue. Lee is a description writer and narrator for video, educational multimedia including sensitive subject matter, corporate training materials, touch tours, museums, and exhibits. She is an accredited graduate of the American Council of the Blind’s Audio Description Institute and the Kennedy Center’s Leadership Exchange in Arts and Disability (LEAD) audio description program.


Lee provides AD services according to best practices based on the Audio Description Coalition’s Standards for Audio Description and Code of Professional Conduct for Describers. Adherent to WCAG 2.0/2.2 web accessibility guidelines, CVAA, and ADA regulatory compliance for interpretive media and alternative text. Current and former clients include Stride, K12, California State University, ELI Inc, Grace Hill, Student Success, Nformd, Vector Solutions, McKissock Learning, Resurgens Impact Consulting. Lee’s AD samples can be found on her Vimeo and Clyp pages.


Accomplished in photo and video research, universal rights and clearances, digital content management, and media copyright licensing. To stand out you must conceptualize without boundaries. It's nice to demonstrate technique but it's exceptional to showcase ideas. Lee's years of building a solid network has fostered a lasting impression and built a portfolio of diverse themes. Current and former clients include Stride, K12, Getty Images, Discovery, SunTrust, Radisson, Bank of America, Vulcan Publications.



Getting to the mission of a message in the world of abbreviated social networking involves web content copywriting that is concise, impactful, and engaging. Through paid search (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO), linking, captions, headlines, and targeted keyword research, a company can be found online amidst a sea of internet chatter. Former clients include AT&T, Yellow Pages, RealPages, Cigna, BellSouth Intelligent Media Ventures, MarketSmart Interactive.

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